Janitorial Services

A Clean Office Is a Healthy Office

Keep your common spaces neat and germ-free with our janitorial services & office cleaning in Houston, TX

Every office, large or small, has one thing in common - they all need to be cleaned. The daily grind causes trash cans to fill up, spills to occur and surfaces to become dusty. The professionals at Complete Custodial Care, Inc in Houston, TX are trained to deal with the mess. We'll take care of your entire office by cleaning the common areas every day.

Our standard janitorial services include:

Emptying trash cans and changing liners
Sweeping and washing floors
Vacuuming all carpeted areas
Cleaning all glass surfaces
Cleaning and disinfecting your cafeteria or break room
Wiping down and disinfecting all vending machines and refrigerators
Cleaning and sanitizing your restrooms
Refilling all tissue holders, soap dispensers, towel dispensers and sanitary dispensers

Choose from nightly, weekly or monthly cleaning plans. Talk to our cleaning team about what your company needs today.

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Is your office as clean as it could be?

The staff at Complete Custodial Care is highly trained to clean all types of offices, from multi-tenant units to industrial facilities. Our janitorial services in Houston, TX are top-notch. We believe that a clean and properly sanitized environment provides the best experience for your employees, customers, guests and vendors.

Your workplace can look its best every day. Set up your office cleaning plan with us right away.